Lauri-Matti Parppei

Contact / Yhteys
+358 40 5730823
Helsinki, Finland

Urgent Notes (For Humans)

Interactive audio performance. 2017–

Random Damage Scissors’ Urgent Notes (For Humans) is an interactive audio performance. Through their smartphones, the audience in total control of the generated audio. One performance lasts about 30 minutes.

(Above: short audio specimen from the debut performance at Klustermus festival, 2017) 

Urgent Notes could be used – for example – to crowdsource a chaotic film score, or just as means to bring humans together. Staring at your phone suddenly turns into a social and collective experience.

The piece uses a Node.js server which receives calls from browser-based “app” using websockets. The user interface consists only of white squares on black and every user gets random sounds to play with.

Urgent Notes (For Humans) can at one point sound beautiful  – and can turn into chaotic ear-drilling audible nightmare fuel the next second. The participants can either work together or just try to destroy everything others are trying to build.

There are currently no planned new exhibitions.
Contact me if you are interested in the piece.